Our WordPress installation service gives you a quick and simple way of getting set-up on-line for as little as £50.

Everybody needs a solid foundation to build upon. We’ll take your WordPress configuration preferences and blend them with our web design and development best practices to get you on-line quickly. With a simple order service and a selection of useful add-on bundles, you’ll be ready to start publishing on-line in no time at all.


Extend your WordPress installation with a bundle

themes addon

Theme Installation

Never before have first impressions been so crucial as on the internet. The right theme can do more than wow your visitors, but enhance the functionality of your blog or website. Whether free or premium (paid), we can install your theme for you.

plugins addon

Plugin Installation

Plugins are a great way to extend your websites functionality (if used with care). We can install and configure your choice of plugins and ensure your site works out of the box. We can also offer help on selecting a great plugin.

performance addon

Speed & Performance

There is little more frustrating than a slow and sluggish website. In fact, search engines (especially Google penalise slow loading websites). We will install and configure your site to ensure it runs quick and smoothly from the outset.

security addon


Security is paramount on the internet. Hackers get smarter everyday and while WordPress release updates to mitigate these potential threats, it doesn’t hurt to add additional security to actively block cyber attacks.

seo addon


Search Engine Optimisation is another key element of being found on-line. Give your website the best start by ensuring that Search Engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo can find and understand what your website is about and index it properly.

analytics addon


“What get’s measured, get’s managed”. Find out who visits your website, where they come from and how they interact with your website. Analyse their behaviour and determine their likes/dislikes, etc to improve their experience and increase conversion.


So what’s the next step?

In order for us to get started, you will need to have two things ready: (1) a web domain and (2) a suitable* web host.

domain name and web hosting

*Your web host will need to meet the minimum requirements for the WordPress CMS Platform to run correctly. If you haven’t already got a domain name and suitable web hosting, there are some recommended providers here.

Once you have signed up with a web host and registered a domain name, click on the button below and complete the order form:

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